Dear Sanja,

Thank you for the important input you gave us. We benefited a lot from your feedback on the challenges we have in the company, challenges we think can be overcome.

Executive VP & Chief Strategy Officer, Major European catalyst manufacturer

Dear Sanja,
thank you very much for your support in 2016 for a truly highly important piece of engagement. Your in-depth knowledge of the industry and expertise in Regulatory Affairs were very helpful for our work and it was a pleasure working together.
All the best,

Victor Graf Dijon von Monteton, Principal at A.T. Kearney, Consumer Industries and Retail Practice

L’accompagnement proposé par Sanja Fabrio m’a apporté un regard expérimenté et pragmatique ainsi que des outils permettant un focus plus pointu sur mes priorités managériales dans le département de Production et Qualité. Que ce soit le management efficace de mon emploi de temps ou l’objectivation adéquate de mes équipes, l’approche de Sanja m’a dirigé vers les axes d’amélioration très appréciés dans un département de 25 collaborateurs, dynamique et en pleine croissance.

Dr. Marc Voeffray, Responsable de laboratoire de fabrication, Pharmacie Internationale Golaz, Lausanne, Switzerland

The key for a successful workshop is to create change that lasts, not just its entertainment value.  Sanja’s workshop on ‘Managing Your Time’ achieved both – at a team level and at an individual level!  For the team, we identified some unspoken – and sometimes conflicting – assumptions about priorities.  On an individual level, there were practical and good suggestions for how to improve efficiency.  But, the most powerful element of the workshop was that we established small coaching groups so we can support each other in implementing these suggestions, which should drive real and lasting change.  I can wholeheartedly recommend this workshop!

Martin Baumann, Finance Director, Medair, Ecublens, Switzerland



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