How is your company navigating the regulatory labyrinth?

Complex national and international regulations are on the rise and are significantly impacting all industries. Areas like the environment, competition, transfer pricing, market access, and data protection are just a few that are drawing more scrutiny.

IMD is hosting a daylong interactive conference on October 22 titled “Regulation and License to Operate” where experienced practitioners from various industries will share their industry examples on how to successfully navigate the regulatory process.

The event will provide regulator, policy-maker and business perspectives on the regulatory advocacy approach as well as explore questions such as:

» How can regulators better incorporate business concerns?
» How can international rules or standards best be leveraged to influence national regulations?
» What can business do differently to have its voice heard when it matters most?

Sessions focus on topics such as how to influence policy, use potentially threatening regulation to your advantage or deal with unintended consequences once new laws are passed.

Eduardo Pérez Motta, former President of the Mexican Federal Competition Commission will give the keynote address drawing on his vast regulatory experience in the telecom, financial services, and energy sectors.

Other panelists include leaders and authorities from multinational companies, governments, international organizations, regulators and academia.

Join us there and share your experience!



Event photos – Executives International panel – April 30th 2015 | Seizing change – Turning global trends into opportunities

Lausanne, Switzerland

Guest Speakers: Sanja Fabrio, Fredrik Karlström, Tracey Keys
Moderator: Tony Johnston from World Radio Switzerland

Courtesy: Executives International, more photos here.

April 30th 2015 | Seizing change – Turning global trends into opportunities.
April 30th 2015 | Seizing change – Turning global trends into opportunities.
April 30th 2015 | Seizing change – Turning global trends into opportunities.
April 30th 2015 | Seizing change – Turning global trends into opportunities.
April 30th 2015 | Seizing change – Turning global trends into opportunities.

Seizing change: Turning global trends into opportunities – Panel discussion on Thursday April 30, 2015 in Lausanne, Switzerland

Change is the continuous state of play for companies and individuals. The playing field, the roles and the players, all is changing. The change can often be daunting and sideline those who live and operate in the past.

Societal expectations of business are changing, with traditional institutions losing trust, even as regulators struggle to keep up with the changes around them. Regulation too changes at a constant pace, changing ways we operate and compete, produce, consume, plan, engage and who we partner with.

Come and share your views at the following event in Lausanne, Switzerland:

Executives International Panel discussion on Seizing change: Turning global trends into opportunities on Thursday April 30, 2015

In this panel discussion, we will take a look at some of the major trends reshaping the world today and their implications for us and our organizations; how the role of regulation and stakeholder management fits into this picture; and how the future of communications could impact our lives and work.

Embracing this new dynamics means abandoning the ways we are doing things, daring to drop the boxes altogether and accepting change as a way to work, live and think. Recognizing the opportunity and seizing change ahead of others often means success in business and in our individual lives.

Panelists will be:

  • Sanja Fabrio, Principal, Strategic Government Affairs and Partner, Visconti
  • Fredrik Karlström, Chief of Exuberance / MD, The Magic Pencil
  • Tracey Keys, Director, Strategy Dynamics Global SA

Moderator: Tony Johnston from World Radio Switzerland

For more details and to register please visit:

We look forward to seeing you there!